BK Oduro react to Nana Addo’s heckling at Women Deliver Conference

At the just ended Women Deliver Conference in Canada, gender activists were not too pleased with President Akufo-Addo’s submission on women empowerment in Ghana.

One of the female panellists, Dr Alaa Murabit, the UN’s High Commissioner on Health Employment and Economic Growth, appeared perturbed by the president’s position and could be seen interrupting and even laughing at the president.

The happenings at the event has caught the attention of comic character BK Oduro. In a video he shared on his YouTube page, BK said Nana Akufo-Addo cannot be heckled in Ghana as he was in Canada by the panellist, calling the action disrespectful.

According to BK, Nana didn’t say anything negative on the topic at hand and does not understand why he was heckled and laughed at.

Using himself as an example, BK Oduro said he has more often than not called the youth of Ghana useless because they make up 70% percent of the voting population but does not use that power to make any meaningful change in the system.

“Nana didn’t say anything basaa saa o. no no no, he didn’t say anything. Look, me for example, the youth of Ghana can kill me because every time I tell the youth, that you people you are useless… shut up!…you are 70% of the voting population but what do you use your vote for? NDC NPP, the same foolishness…that was the same thing Nana was telling the woman…”

BK Oduro advised women that instead of getting angry at Nana Addo for the comments made, they should rather listen to the core of his message, which encourages them to rally together and make decisions that propels them to take power.