Religion is a choice, you will hear from my lawyers – Afia Schwarzenegger

Apparently, self acclaimed queen of Ghanaian comedy, Afia Schwarzenegger does not seem to get tired of controversies as she intends dragging a Kumasi Senior High School teacher, who allegedly threatened and slapped her son to court. The said teacher she disclosed, was going to be sued by her for severely punishing her son for not attending church service and threatening to get the boy sacked as well.

The actress cum television personality also revealed that similarly, eight months ago another teacher slapped her boy, but she decided to let it go following a plea by the school authorities. The actress took to her Instagram handle to register her displeasure, stating that religion is a choice and slapping a student too is an illegal act. Adding that, she intents pursuing her son’s case in order to end assaults in schools.

She wrote: “I never knew Kumasi High School is a bible school…apparently a teacher punished my Jewish sons for not going to church and threatens to make sure he is sacked. Last year a teacher slapped my son in school and also called me names. I reported it to GES in kumasi and the school Board who begged me in the presence of my brothers not to make it public yet it is almost 8 months and nothing have been said. Becos they are the children of Afia Schwarzenegger. Well the court will settle this cos RELIGION is by choice and slapping a student is illegal too. I am tired of these Nonsense and All of you will hear from me. Nkwasiasem Kwa!!!!! Why will a teacher insult me in the school, am I a student of kumasi High?? Do u know how they got the name Geiling??? Do u force muslims to go to church??? Victimizing my children becos…we shall see. I Promise All of you in that School and everyone in Ghana I swear Teachers are slapping these boys on regular basis in the school my son will End this assault in the school. You shall hear from my lawyers I promise yall”


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