Ghanaian actresses and rapper Medikal’s girlfriend, Fella Makafui apparently does not give a dawm about what her boyfriend’s arch rival, Strong Burner said about her in his diss song. Shockingly, the actress said she does not take any offence in whatever the rapper said about her, thus alleging that she is eaten as supper by old men at East-Legon (indirectly calling her a whore), personal because for her it is purely show business. It’s shocking how Fella Makafui reacted to Strongman’s jabs.

She continued to say that, everything that they do or is done to them as celebrities, the bottom line should be making money. And she would not take offence for anything as such, as long as the person doing it is making money out of it. Despite the fact that, the musical beef between her boyfriend, Medikal and rapper, Strongman got filthy resulting in them dragging the reputation of their girlfriends into it, which according to many is very demeaning, the actress says she knows it’s just show business. “Ibi business, bro”. She said.

The YOLO fame actress was speaking in an interview on Kumasi based, Luv fm and this is exactly what is stated:

“First of all I won’t take that personal because it’s show business. What people don’t understand is that this thing we dey do, ibi business, do you understand? however or whatever you wanna do it, make sure you are making money out of it. I’m having my social media platforms because I wanna promote my business and my brand, and I’m making money out of it. so whatever you do, be it positive or negative, just make sure you make money out of it. And it’s show business, I can’t take anything personal. I’m not a rapper so if someone raps about me, it’s not my problem,”.


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