#eibAFCON: GHOne TV savagely snubs some Ghanaians, as they break the AFCON live transmissions in parts of country. It’s a pity if not a shame, that Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) network’s free-to-air television channel, GHOne television has failed to honour their word to Ghanaians on broadcasting the 2019 Total Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). Our attention was drawn and after probing further, we got to realize that the channel is not really delivery on it’s promise to air the AFCON as they vividly advertised on their network.

After a careful observation of the television channel, our findings revealed that the channel does not air the AFCON tournament in some parts of the country, precisely the Ashanti region and most probably some other parts of the country. Using Kumasi as our case study area, we got to realize whenever the AFCON was about to commence the channel’s actual broadcast would be replaced with that of a foreign movie. Yesterday for instance, in the build up to Ghana’s game with Guinea Bissau, the live pre-studio discussion was aired but exactly when they went for a break after which the live match will be aired, the broadcast was swiftly swapped to that of a foreign movie, just as earlier noted above.

However, when we checked the channel’s digital broadcast on Multi TV and other platforms, the Ghana match was being aired live on the real broadcast of the channel. Which evidently shows that, the channel was taking their free-to-air viewers for a ride, thereby savagely disregarding them. The worse thing is that, this has happening since the AFCON began and no apologies or whatsoever has been rendered.

Now, the relevant questions are:

i. Is the channel intentionally hindering it’s free-to-air viewers from watching the AFCON? And why?
ii. Why would they audaciously advertise that, they will be airing the AFCON, when they knew they weren’t in a position to do so?
iii. Assuming it’s always just a technical hitch, why weren’t viewers promptly notified? [Example: writing underneath those foreign movies they always air during live matches, their deep regrets for not broadcasting game instead.]
iii. Are their AFCON live match sponsors aware they are only broadcasting to a section of their viewers?
iv: The study was done in the capital of the Ashanti region, does it mean the situation is the same for the entire region? And is that the case in other parts of the country?

DISCLAIMER: The sole responsibility for the content and allegations contained in this post, lies on iChris (of iChris media), who made the findings. Eye FM does not take responsibility for any part of it.


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